Breakfast $9 per person (Suggested Time: 8am to 9am), Served in Dining Hall

  • Continental Breakfast Muffin
    • Danish, Bagel w/ Cream Cheese, Jelly, Butter
    • Fresh Fruit, Yogurt
    • Assorted Cold Cereals, Hot Cereal Packets
    • Milk, Coffee, Hot Tea, Orange Juice


  • Traditional Southern Breakfast
    • Turkey or Pork Bacon, or Turkey or Pork Sausage
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Grits and Spiced Apples
    • Coffee, Hot Tea, Orange Juice


Lunch $15 per person (Suggested Time: 12pm to 1pm), Served in Dining Hall

  • Deli Lunch
    • Deli Style Sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato, avocado
    • Vegetable Soup and Garden Salad or Pasta Salad
    • Chips, Cookie, Fruit
    • Bottled water or drink


  • Hot Lunch
    • 1 Entrée with 2 Sides
    • Salad, Rolls, Dessert
    • Tea or Lemonade


Dinner $17 per person (Suggested Time: 6pm to 7pm), Served in Dining Hall

  • 2 Entrees and 3 Sides
  • Salad, Rolls, Dessert
  • Tea or Lemonade


Breaks/Snacks $5 per person (Morning, Afternoon, Evening), Served in Hospitality House 2

  • Fruits, Nuts
  • Chips, Crackers
  • Water, Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa


  • Special Pricing
    • Coffee, Tea, Bottled Water Only
    • Popcorn Bar
    • Infused Water


Special Event Menu

Meals are catered on site by trained staff. We invite organizers/planners to contact us two weeks prior to the event with their guests dietary restrictions and time of meals.

All meals are served in the Dinning Hall unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  There is a catering service charge for a change of venue.  This covers the cost of catering staff, logistics, and set-up.

Meals are served at specific times because of “Safe Serve Standards” any unplanned meal time changes will incur an additional fee because some food may require new food to be cooked per regulations.