Our Staff

Ms. Vivian M. Lucas, Executive Director

  • Pronouns: her, she
  • lucasvfcab@gmail.com
  • (252) 437-1723

Chef Wayne White, Facility Manager

  • Pronouns: he, him, his
  • whitewfcab@gmail.com
  • (252) 437-1723

Rev. Elly Mendez Angulo, Program Manager

  • Pronouns: ella – her, she
  • ellyfcab@gmail.com
  • (252) 437-1723

It takes much more than a full time staff of three to keep FCAB going.  Thank you:

  • Frank, JD, JW, Linda, Rodney, Sylvia, Tamika
  • Bricks Healthy Living: Christie Heath of Chrisie1
  • CPA: Vivian Wan
  • Housekeeping: JK of Rocky Mount
  • Landscapers: B&R Outdoor Specialists

…And countless others for whom we are grateful!