Guest Policies

At the Franklinton Center at Bricks, we believe in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. To help make this happen, we have a few simple rules:

  • No Drugs or Firearms: Drugs illegal to North Carolina and firearms are strictly prohibited and the use of such on these premises will be reported to the proper authorities and will result in immediate termination of the event.
  • No fire hazards: For everyone’s safety, we don’t allow flammable decorations like candles or incense inside our buildings.
  • No damaging the walls: To keep our buildings looking great, please don’t use nails, tacks, metal objects or writing on our walls. A $150 penalty per room will be applied if damages occur.
  • Cleaning up after ourselves: Let’s keep the grounds clean and tidy by avoiding glitter, confetti, sidewalk chalk, and artificial flower petals. A $150 cleaning fee will be applied if deemed necessary. 
  • Tables and chairs: We’ll provide you with tables and chairs, but please don’t move them from one building to another or from inside to outside. If you need extra equipment, please notify staff for assistance, you may need to rent additional items at your own expense.
  • Smoking: We’re a smoke-free environment inside our buildings. If you need to smoke, please do so outside and dispose of cigarette butts properly in designated containers.
  • Taking care of your belongings: Unfortunately, we can’t be responsible for anything you bring that gets lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.
  • Cleaning up after the event: Please help us keep the grounds clean by removing all trash and recycling and putting it in the dumpster or recycling bins. At the end of your event, please return the facilities to the way you found them.
  • Fixing damages: If you damage anything while you’re here, you’ll be responsible for repairing or replacing it. If anything gets damaged, we’ll send you an invoice for the costs.


The 244 acres that make up Franklinton Center at Bricks (FCAB) bring together nature, history, and modern amenities to create a peaceful, thoughtful, and rejuvenating environment for retreats, workshops, and our community at large. 

Our space includes a fishing creek that has a water-accessed camping platform, young arbor and herb garden, picnic areas, and a still in use, antebellum slave cemetery. Outdoor electricity and water hookup are also available in select areas.

If you are considering using Franklinton Center at Bricks for a gathering, please submit a reservation request.  If you need additional chairs/supplies consider contracting Down East Tent Rentals, LLC.

Our staff is available by appointment for tours and pre-event walk-throughs. We will also be on-site during your event.


Physical Address: 281 Bricks Lane, Whitakers, NC 27891
Administrative Wing of Memorial Hall
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 4pm

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We invite you to park your vehicle on the gravel lot in front of Hospitality House 2 to ensure that it is visible.  Campus is open to the public during daylight hours (dawn til dusk) and is private for our overnight guests.

The Front of Hospitality House 2. You are welcome to park here.


Our meals offer guests a delicious selection of healthy and high quality food that has been intentionally prepared for you. All of our meals are crafted by our skilled culinary staff using locally sourced ingredients as often as possible. Please let us know any dietary restrictions you may have.

Copy of Dinner

A Few Things to Note:

  • A final meal count is required 2 weeks prior to your event. Once affirmed, that number cannot be decreased. However, it may be increased up to 3 days before your event.

Traditionally, meals are served at these times unless pre-arranged:

  • Breakfast: 8am to 9am
  • Lunch: 12pm to 1pm
  • Dinner: 5pm to 6pm

We also have snack times for your convenience:

  • AM Snacks: Set up before Breakfast
  • PM Snacks: Set up before to Lunch
  • Evening Snacks: Set up before to Dinner


We love capturing special moments and memories. However, we understand the importance of your privacy and strive to respect the intimate nature of your gathering. 

Our team will only post photos to social media after the event has concluded. We will not include children’s faces in any imagery we take. We welcome you to share and tag us in your event photos and would be happy to reshare them.


Any overnight guest room accommodations must be arranged through the use of a main contact person who will be invoiced for the total amount of the room rentals. FCAB will not be responsible for collection of individual room charges. All amounts are to be paid by main point of contact.

Here are some important times to note during your stay:

  • Check-In: 3:00 PM
  • Check-Out: 11:00 AM


All renters are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit in the amount of half (1/2) of the cost of their event to confirm their reservation. 

Notice of cancellation must be given a minimum of 5 days prior to the event. If canceled less than 5 days prior to the event, the facility fee plus the full amount of anticipated charges are due. 

We reserve the right to make cancellations in the event of an emergency. If cancellation is initiated by FCAB, the deposit and usage fees will be returned in full.


Our facility’s pricing is based on an 8-hour time frame, with Guest Programming to occur between the hours of 7am and 10pm. There is an additional fee of $150.00 per additional hour or part used.


Renters are required to leave the premises in the same condition you found it upon arrival. We will inspect the space at the end of your event.

It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient set-up time is established for the start of your event. It is also your responsibility to coordinate deliveries and pick-ups with FCAB.

Outside caterers, decorators, event planners/coordinators and other event contractors must set-up in the event area during the designated and agreed upon times. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure their contractors have sufficient time to complete tasks before the arrival of guests. FCAB reserves the right to change the set-up of any event to ensure safety and protection to its facility and guests.

Decorations will be limited to free standing or table top items. With prior approval, renters may be allowed to use BLUE PAINTERS TAPE to adhere items to surfaces. Without prior approval, items are not to be adhered in any fashion to the facility walls, windows, doors, and/or ceilings.

Balloons utilized as decorations must not be left hanging from the ceilings, ceiling fans or light fixtures. 

The use of glitter, confetti, sidewalk chalk, or artificial flower petals are prohibited on our campus or grounds due to clean-up difficulty.

Renter is responsible for the replacement or repair of broken or damaged FCAB property.  If FCAB property is damaged or not left in the conditions found, renter will receive a detailed invoice to request payment for repair, replacement, or excessive additional cleaning. In addition, the renter may lose the privilege of future rentals.

All trash and recycling should be removed by renter and put in the dumpster or recycling bins located to the right of the Dining Facility, unless catered by FCAB.


Equipment rented from an outside source must be approved by FCAB. The renter is responsible for contacting, contracting, securing, and paying for their events rental needs. Franklinton Center at Bricks, Inc. is not responsible for accidents or incidents that may occur due to these rentals. 

Thanks for helping us create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone!

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Franklinton Center at Bricks (FCAB) builds upon the lessons of history by creating forward looking programs that are relevant to the global struggle for justice and equality. FCAB has a rich and varied past, with many names and uses. Today it is a conference center where local, regional, national and international justice advocates, leaders and truth seekers continue to learn and do the work needed to transform lives. Your generous contributions support the life of Franklinton Center at Bricks and our community.

Franklinton Center at Bricks, Inc.
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 220, Whitakers, NC 27891
Physical Address: 281 Bricks Lane, Whitakers, NC 27891

A nonprofit, charitable organization under Section 501©(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.